Who is Welcome?

We serve immediate family members or support persons of hospitalized patients. Patients are also welcome at Sarah's Guest House, on a case-by-case basis, when they can care for themselves or have a caregiver with them.

All guests must be referred by the hospital social worker, chaplain, member of the patient relation staff or a member of pastoral care.

Guests at Sarah's Guest House must be patients or family members of patients seeking medical care in CNY, must be able to care for themselves, or have a caregiver present. Children 16 and over will be considered based on the census of the house.


Nightly Rates

To continue the ongoing work of Sarah's Guest House, there is a lodging fee of $25 per guest per day ($40 per double occupancy). An ability to pay policy is in effect at Sarah's Guest House and may be discussed with the staff.

Guests must call Sarah's Guest House at 315-475-1747 to make arrangements.

All reservations require a referral from a medical provider such as a doctor's office, social worker, case manager, hospital nurse, etc. After the reservation is confirmed by our office, payment may then be made either upon arriving at the House or online below. You may also make payments for a friend or relative that is currently staying at Sarah's Guest House.