An appeal to our loyal supporters to bridge the gap to our healthier tomorrows.

Sarah’s Guest House continues to remain open and steadfast in our mission throughout this unprecedented health crisis, putting patient care, public health and safety above all else as we navigate through this unchartered territory and continue to meet the needs of our guests. 

We’ve provided lodging to numerous guests throughout these recent weeks of the global pandemic — patients who are receiving absolutely necessary medical care which requires immediate attention, or supporting a loved one who is. We are fortunate to be able to continue to play an important role in this patient care through our mission and services. 

We want to continue to help people who need it at this difficult time but realize that some of our anticipated funding will be delayed or minimized due to the postponement of our April Gala.

We have been asked by many HOW to best help.

At this time, monetary contributions are what we truly need most to bridge the gap to get through the tenuous and potentially prolonged time frame of this pandemic. If you are able to contribute at any level, we welcome donations online by clicking the link below. You can always send a check through regular mail to Sarah’s Guest House – 100 Roberts Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13207.

As many of us embrace and celebrate the beauty and spirit of Passover and Easter from our homes, please know we send our springtime greetings and wishes to all of you for love, peace, and faith in our healthier tomorrows.

~Our best to you and yours~

David Haas (Executive Director)

Renee McCaffrey (Development Specialist)

Words and photographs from guests staying through the COVID-19 crisis.

“Thank you for caring for me while Crouse Health was caring for Kathy. I needed to be here for Kathy – that is, as close by as possible; but since I wasn’t able to be at-her-side – you all were here for me. Some people would call you Guardian Angels, but I take a more secular view – I’d like to say I want to be like you when I grow up, but I think that I missed that ship when it took sail. Instead, I will do my best to emulate your Sarah’s Guest House example. Thank you does not come close, but I do thank you!”
~ Michael, Ogdensburg, NY

Sarah’s Guest House is currently operating under a unique set of policies during this pandemic. To learn about our current check-in procedures, please read below.

A message from Gail, a current guest from New Hartford, NY

In addition to our regular procedures, potential guests should note that:

Under the new guidelines, individuals traveling to New York State, will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in New York as before, unless they meet the following criteria:

  • For travelers to New York from out of state (including returning New Yorkers who traveled outside of New York for more than 24 hours), these individuals must:
    1. Get tested for COVID-19 within 3 days prior to arriving in New York;
    2. Quarantine for 3 days upon their arrival in New York; and
    3. Get tested for COVID-19 on the 4th day after their arrival in New York State (or as soon thereafter as they want to end their quarantine period).  
  • If both of the traveler’s COVID-19 tests (the one obtained prior to their arrival and the one obtained on the 4th day post-arrival) are negative, then the traveler is no longer subject to a mandatory quarantine.  If either test is positive, the traveler is required to continue quarantining for the full 14 days after their arrival in New York State. 
  • Out-of-state guests must provide proof of COVID-19 tests and quarantine information in order to stay at SGH.
  • Sarah’s Guest House will operate at a maximum 50% occupancy rate (10 individuals).
  • All guests must wear a mask at all times when in common areas of the home.
  • Individuals with respiratory symptoms, fever, cough or other flu-like or cold symptoms cannot, regrettably, be accommodated at Sarah’s Guest House
  • Individuals who have recently traveled to known areas of infections and/or if they think they may have come into contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms cannot, regrettably, be accommodated at Sarah’s Guest House.
  • Each guest will be scanned using an adult thermometer upon their arrival.
    • If the recorded temperature is higher than 100.4, the individual and their party will not be accommodated at Sarah’s Guest House.
  • Sarah’s Guest House will be checking-in guests Monday-Friday, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and on Sundays by appointment only.
  • Sarah’s Guest House is not currently able to provide any volunteer rides to or from the hospital.

If determined that a guest may potentially put other individuals at risk, they will be provided with referral information to the Maplewood Hotel in Liverpool, NY where they can secure a room at a discounted cost and discuss the next steps with their referring Social Worker.

    •  This includes if a guest shows signs or symptoms of an illness after arriving and receiving a room.
Restricted Areas as of 11/13/20 (subject to change)

Under the new guidelines, individuals traveling to New York State, will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in New York.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers—so many caring people in this world.” – Fred Rogers

With Thanks and Admiration to All Our Local “Helpers” – The Caring Medical Professionals and Healthcare Providers on the Front Lines of Patient Care!