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Sarah’s Guest House is launching a new monthly donor membership program called our “Circle of Giving” to support our guests and make donating to our cause easier for our supporters!

This program is a great and convenient way to donate to Sarah’s Guest House on a monthly basis to help fund our guests’ lodging with us as they navigate through a health crisis. This program offers monthly, automatic payments at the level of giving of our donors’ choosing!

While we only suggest a $25 per day donation for an overnight stay even though our own cost is $100 per day – nearly 50% of our guests are unable to pay any amount. We never turn guests away for an inability to pay, but rely on the generosity of our donors to support this cost.

We offer three main levels of support, or you can choose your own monthly amount:

FRIEND: $25 per month – supports the stay of a guest for 1-night.

PATRON: $50 per month – supports a 2-night stay.

CHAMPION: $100 per month – supports that actual cost to Sarah’s Guest House to lodge a guest for 1 night. (although we ask for less from our guests - this is what the lodging actually costs us)

By joining our Circle of Giving, you are helping us generate a steady stream of financial support so we can fulfill our mission more effectively, helping us serve even more guests!
Join our Circle and receive a complimentary silver plated keychain as our token of appreciation.

If you become a $100 CHAMPION member, you will also receive 2 complimentary guest tickets to our annual Springtime Gala of Giving!
  • Michaela Jancek
    "I’m so proud to be the first subscriber (of the "Circle of Giving"). What you folks are doing for a better world is AWESOME. I know -- as I am a recipient of that outreach. More than once. Each time I felt so much like I was part of a family. I am excited to be a member of SGH’s family as it evolves!"
    Michaela Jancek
    Former Guest
  • Linda Tindall
    "As a longtime volunteer of the house, I witnessed firsthand the positive impact staying at the house has on our guests. It is a blessing to so many. I've been sending a monthly donation for years to offer my support, and I'm happy to learn this Circle of Giving program is now being offered. I hope others will follow suit with a monthly contribution which will support adult patients who need our help!"
    Linda Tindall
    Longtime Volunteer

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