House Expansion & Accessibility Campaign

Double the Space ~ Double The Love! Enhanced Handicapped Accessibility

Our long awaited and exciting expansion will allow us to serve twice the number of guests (patients and their caregivers) who need us and will decrease the number of guests we are forced to turn away because of limited handicapped accessibility. It will also enhance the overall guest experience with more common areas to relax, lounge, and gather throughout their stay.

Our Reason 'Why'

As the hospitals in our area are continuing to grow and increase their specialized care, they are also increasing the scope of treatments available. Patients, from afar, require access to this quality and cutting-edge healthcare. Often these are life-saving treatments, surgeries, and medical procedures that they cannot receive in the areas in which they live. Also, with Upstate Medical as the only ACS certified Level 1 Trauma Center in the region, patients are often airlifted there with their family members scrambling for a place to stay due to an unexpected and often tragic emergency. Sarah’s Guest House plays a major role in allowing this access to healthcare, which out-of-town patients would otherwise be unable to receive in their hometown areas.

Since 2014, we have turned away thousands of individuals due to insufficient accommodations. This is because we only have two handicapped-accessible rooms downstairs, along with the fact that many frail and sick guests cannot navigate the stairs to utilize the 9 existing upstairs bedrooms. In addition, our 11 current guest rooms are often fully occupied, accommodating a maximum of 20 guests.

As our upward trajectory of growth and public awareness continues, the trend of additional house guests continues to increase. More guests will need healthcare hospitality lodging and will utilize Sarah’s Guest House as a much-needed resource in their medical journeys. As the only adult healthcare hospitality house in Central New York, our increased accommodations are of significant impact and importance.

Our House Expansion Campaign will support and fund doubling our size and increasing our accommodations from 11 guest rooms to 22 guest rooms. It will also allow us to install an elevator, create 4 additional handicapped-accessible bedrooms with 2 adjoining bathrooms, and a brand-new front entrance and guest reception area. This will also provide handicapped accessibility with a paved walkway to a welcoming covered entrance in the front that will accommodate wheelchairs and provide coverage from inclement weather. Additionally, it will fund all necessary renovations to the kitchen, a new Guest Relations office, volunteer / staff room, refreshed and renovated bedrooms on the new side, two transplant specific bedrooms with private bathrooms, a staff “apartment” for overnight staff coverage of the house, and a fitness center to benefit our house guests.

  • Debbie Effland
    I am excited to hear that SGH is expanding! As a past guest, I know first-hand the value of their services, but also the importance of this growth. The new elevator, fist floor rooms, accessible space, and more will be a great addition to serve those who otherwise could not stay at this wonderful home. It was a blessing to me when I needed it, and I hope others can enjoy it.
    Debbie Effland
    Boonville, NY
  • Larry
    "I didn't realize having such a nice place to stay near the hospital would relieve my anxiety so much."
    Beavercreek, OH
  • Ann
    "To all the supporters of Sarah's Guest House - thank you. With all our medical bills, I would not have been able to stay near my husband without this place. This has been the greatest blessing ever."
    Carthage, NY
  • Carla
    "After getting a cancer diagnosis in December, I was in shock and so scared. I needed to start daily treatments right away. I was in severe pain, feeling terrible and taking a lot of medications. Plus, I live 70 miles away. I needed the support of one of my sons at all times. When I found out about Sarah's Guest House, and that my son could stay with me, at least part of the weight was lifted from me. I just can't thank everyone involved enough. From the amazing job the cleaning staff does to the wonderful people and organizations who donate money, food, time and other necessities. Also the staff: David, Renee, Kim, Meg and others who keep it running smoothly. And of course, a special thank you to Mary, the founder, who created something so needed and appreciated."
    Norwich, NY

MARY KEOUGH House Founder

Help Our Guests

Your support of our Expansion Campaign will help realize the dream of House Founder Mary Keough. Together, we will provide crucial access to quality healthcare for years to come through our increased lodging. Sarah’s Guest House has represented love and care for more than 30 years and is now ready to double that love with your help!


Committee Members

Campaign Chair

CAROL SMITH FALCONE President Emeritus SGH Board of Directors & Retired RN

Campaign Members

  • KRISTEN BILELLO SGH Board Vice President & Senior Manager, Lotte Biologics

  • DAVID HAAS SGH Executive Director

  • DAVE HARDY First President of SGH Board of Directors

  • MARY KEOUGH SGH Founder / Honorary Chair

  • DR. SHEILA LEMKE, M.D. Upstate Medical University / Medical Oncology

  • RENEE MCCAFFREY SGH Development Specialist

  • MIKE SIDELLO President, Sidello Associates Wealth Management

  • SARAH SPINDLER Director of Managed Care Contracting, Upstate Medical University

  • LEE STODDARD, ESQ. SGH Board President & Partner at Goldberg Segalla Law Firm

  • GLENN TAYLOR Vice President of Supply Chain, Kelley Brothers

  • VICTORIA TAYLOR SGH Friend & Volunteer

  • PAUL WROBEL SGH Accountant

    How to Share in the Love!

    There are many ways to support our House Expansion Campaign to double the love for our house guests:

    • Donations by check or cash

    • Multi-Year pledges

    • Online credit card donation(s)

    • Donations of new furnishings, appliances, bedding, and other necessary home decor and supplies

    • Securities (including stocks and mutual funds)

    • Life Insurance Policies

    • Retirement Assets and Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

    • Corporate Matching Gifts

      Naming Opportunities for our expansion are available for those who wish to make a leadership contribution to our campaign. All donations are tax deductible.