Our campaign has come to an end!

(Although contributions and Wish List items ALWAYS welcome!)


Through the outpouring of love, support and all of your generosity -- we have officially “Reached Our Rooftop!” for FUND THE HOUSE! We received such generous monetary donations -- all of which will be put to good use -- along with a wide array of items from our Amazon Wish List that will be utilized to further enhance the experience each guest has during their stay at Sarah's Guest House. The monetary donations along with the value of items purchased off of our Wish List exceeded our $30,000 goal!

As our first-ever online “digital” appeal -- our goal was ambitious, but essential to the house and our guests! YOU opened your hearts, stepped up, encouraged and supported -- and it is BECAUSE OF YOU that we proudly announce our success! To say we are touched and inspired is an understatement.

In the words of our Founder Mary Keough “Who do we reach out to when we need help? We reach out to you, our dear friends -- and time and time again, you always come through for Sarah’s Guest House.” WE ARE BLESSED. OUR HOUSE GUESTS WILL BENEFIT GREATLY FROM YOUR KINDNESS.

CHEERS to ALL with our heartfelt gratitude ~ 
David Haas & Renee McCaffrey

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The Kitchen: The Heart of Our Home! Nourish Our Guests!

  • Purchase staple food items for the house: $500 per month
  • Set of stainless steel knives (1 set needed -- $79.10 per set)
  • Kitchen Flatware 40 piece set (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • PRIMO Bottom Loading Water Cooler - 5 gallon (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • Dinner Plates (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • TV Tray Tables (FULLY FUNDED)
  • Dinner Bowls (FULLY FUNDED!!!)

    “Sarah’s Guest House represents Heaven on Earth! I had a private, comfortable room with fresh linens and other special touches. I could do my laundry for free and there was a home cooked meal, coffee, tea and snacks provided every single day! The guesthouse was always clean and felt like “home” to me. When I left, I had to say goodbye to strangers who are now like family -- helping me through a very difficult time.” Toni Briggs, Texas

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  • Keep the House Running!

  • Provide funding for National Grid Utilities bill - $500 per month
  • Provide funding for Spectrum bill for TV cable and internet - $200 per month
  • Snow Plowing bill - $800 for the 2020-2021 season

    "I can't say enough how much we enjoyed our stay at Sarah's Guest House, especially the night before my father's procedure in February. Everybody made him so comfortable it alleviated so much stress and made the night before his surgery the difference between night and day. I can't thank you all enough. I have stayed at the house on and off since then and I just want to say again what a wonderful facility you operate and I thank you for making it available to patients AND their families!" Michelle, Owego, NY

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  • Keep Us Connected!

  • Provide funding for our Hover Phone bill: $142 per month
  • Wi-Fi Improvement Equipment (1 needed -- $169.99)
  • Provide funding for our Office Printer and Copier Lease: $200 per month
  • Stamps and postage: $500
  • Other office supplies: $500
  • Hammermill Copy Paper (FULLY FUNDED!!!)

    While staying at the house, SUNY Potsdam professor, Lonel Woods, taught two classes and provided voice lessons - all from the comfort of his bedroom. Woods says the house provided him with everything he needed to be successful in his career and his recovery. "The atmosphere at the house provided a perfect oasis," he said. Adding, "It's homier than my own home!"

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  • Keep the House Sparking Clean and Sanitized!

  • Hand Sanitizer Station (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • House Cleaning and Essential Household Products: $250 per month
  • Laundry Detergent for bedding, house linens and guest complimentary laundry service: $50 per month
  • Bath/Hand Towels and Washcloths (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • Light Bulbs (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • Terry Dish Cloth (FULLY FUNDED!!!)

    "Thank you so much for Sarah's Guest House. It provided me with a clean, quiet and safe place to stay while my husband was in the burn unit at Upstate Hospital. It was comforting to know that at the end of each day I had a comfortable place to shower, sleep and relax for a few minutes. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do - it is appreciated and noticed." Nancy Hellman, Wynantskill, NY

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  • Improve Our Appearance: Essential House Renovations and Needs!

  • New carpeting for stairway and upstairs foyer from National Carpet Center on Burnet Ave: $2,500
  • New vinyl flooring for downstairs main kitchen: $1,800
  • Winter waterproof rugs for entry foyer (FULLY FUNDED!!!)

    "Thank you so much for this lovely guest house. Because you're a ministry or mission, the love, warmth, hospitality and caring you give is unparalleled. No business, hotel or motel could begin to compare and I'm not just talking about the prices!" Linda and Talik from Bath, New York.

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  • A Good Night's Rest For Our Guest's

  • White Noise Machines for each guest rooms (FULLY FUNDED!!!)
  • Set of new high thread sheets for each guest rooms (FULLY FUNDED!!!)

    "Recently my husband and I were guests at Sarah's Guest House. It was an incredible experience for us to witness the dedication and service of so many wonderful volunteers. Everything from scrumptious meals, beautiful decorations inside and outside, warm and friendly greetings and even sanitizing door knob left us feeling humble and grateful for all that you do. My mother, a resident of Hallstead, PA spent 11 days the Saint Joseph's CVICU until she passed away. Each of you made a stressful and difficult time better for us. Thank you for your service and dedication to all the residents of Sarah's Guest House. You make a positive difference in the lives of many." Sandi and Rick Tremblay Cincinnati, OH

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  • Outdoor Oasis: Spruce Up the Outdoor Space!

  • Leaf Blower (1 needed -- $99.99)
  • Ice Melt Dispenser (1 needed -- $18.00)
  • Snow Shovels (1 needed -- $29.97/$16.99)

    "My room was so neat and spotlessly clean. I was so comfortable and the grounds are SO beautiful!" Kim, Lindley NY

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  • Sponsor A Guest!

  • Sponsor a guest/family for a one month stay at Sarah's Guest House: $1,000

    "Thank you for caring for me while Crouse Health was caring for Kathy. I needed to be here for Kathy - that is, as close by as possible but since I wasn't able to be at-her-side - you all were here for me. Some people would call you Guardian Angels, but I take a more secular view - I'd like to say I want to be like you when I grow up, but I think that I missed that ship when it took sail. Instead, I will do my best to emulate your Sarah's Guest House example. Thank you does not come close, but I do thank you." Michael, Verona, NY

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  • Thank you to these individuals who have donated to our FUND THE HOUSE campaign:

    • Karen Ashley Mark Banick George & Joanna Banta Joanna Banta Thomas & Doreen Barba Adriana Battle Emily Baxter Jeff & Dot Booher Terri Botwinick Jeff Boyea Mary Brady Sue McGaff Britt Christopher Brown Michelle Brown Michelle Burgess Patti Callahan Amy Caputo Shannon Capozzolo Judy Carr Peggy Chase Ellen L. Civitello Elizabeth Congleton Amy Connors Tawnie Dardano Jalica DeSalvia Barry & Carol Dixon Mallory Doherty Mary Doto Kathleen Dougherty The Effland Family Jacqui Eng Joseph Falcone & Carol Smith-Falcone Sally Gewinner Susan Gewinner Eileen Gannon Missy Germain Courtney Glenn Cindy Phillips Gordon The Gorman Family - Dr. Matt, Janice & Maddie Baby Daniel Griffin The Griffin Family Samuel Gruber Ashley Gunderson David Haas Jerry Haas Sally Haas Nicole Halbig Mary Harblin Tom & Dorthea Harblin Dave & Ellen Hardy Paul Harvey Kristen Henry Judy & Harry Homer John Horvath Chris & Alicia Johnston Bryan Kane Kathleen Kanernko Dana Karanik Kara Krueger Doug Keefe Steven Kelley Kathy Kennedy Kathleen Keough Mary & Dick Keough Jim & Alison Kiesa William T. Kinne Dianne Koolakian Sheryl Krongold Michael & Janice Laprade La Vita Dolce Designs David Lehmann Dr. Sheila Lemke Mark LiPuma Cynthia Long Julie May Jerrie Ann Maywright Elaine McAndrew Renee McCaffrey
    • Sophia McCaffrey Donna Muhs-McCarten Alex McEneny Kimberly Haas-McEneny Barb McKernan Elizabeth McKernan George & Beverly Meeker Sharon Michaels Jennifer Morgan Dorothy Morse Alana Munoz Christine Myint Linda Napier Melissa Nelson Catherine Nunan Carolyn Nunan Margaret O'Connell Cathy O'Connor Stacey Kelso-O’Connor Eva O’Donnell Franny O’Donnell Lorna Oppedisano Joe, Heather & Tino Pallone David Pasinski Maria C. Pence Jose Simon & Amy Shook Perez Petrie Design Caitlin Rabideau Danielle Rafte Deirdre Reidy Terry Riley Kathryn Rogers Richard & Virginia Russo Pierce & Martha Ryan Suzanne Sammarco Teresa Sauro Judy Schmid Lori Schmidt Julie Schwartau Mary Scouten Judith Shapira Cathryn Shelton Nagulinie Shukla Patricia Shute Mike Sidello Susan Sidoni Maggie Silky Cynthia Smith Kendra Smith Lucinda A. Smith Donna Stoner Kristin Haas-Soper Christine Storrier Nancy Talbert Dr. Jim & Karen Tarala Glenn Taylor & Vicki Sinclair-Taylor Joshua Terry Jeffrey Tiberii Susan Traub Judy Tremaine Rick & Sandi Tremblay Dominic Tricase Vince Tricase Tracey Valenti Suzanne Vislosky Pam Walker Catherine Wallace Agatha Wallen Emily Walsh Mary Rose Warneck Frieda Weeks - Hope for Heather Christine Zerby Jane Zhang

    "Behind the Scenes" Special Thanks to: Mike Sidello, Video Direction (upper left) Sophia McCaffrey, Video Editing & Graphics (upper right) Joelle Beaulieu, Graphic Design, St. Joe's Marketing & Communications

    Video Testimonials: Maryann Roefaro, HOA of CNY/ Rob, House Guest from Pennsylvania/ Carol Smith-Falcone, Board President, Sarah's Guest House/ Professor Lonel Woods, SUNY Pottsdam/ Mary Keough, Founder of Sarah's Guest House.


    The friends below are the LEAD givers to this campaign who donated $1,000 or more to launch the campaign with love and support. They have paved the way and laid a solid foundation for this appeal! THANK YOU TO OUR LEAD GIVERS!